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Ensemble Theatre Company was established in January 2015 by a small group of talented and dynamic thespians aspiring to create a modern and engaging theatre experience for the  inhabitants of South Leicestershire.


The group was called "Ensemble" to emphasise a key value of the group; togetherness and team work. Members are supported to learn and grow as both performers and backstage. Members chip-in with all aspects of creating a piece of theatre and our ethos strives to create a real team spirit. With an emphasis on supporting and encouraging each other and working as a team, there are plenty of fundraising, charity and social events to take part in too!


We are a dynamic company that performs musicals, variety shows, showcases, plays and murder mysterys and try to avoid sticking to one genre so we can constantly develop and grow as performers and production teams. We are very fortunate to be led by some incredibly talented and experienced members who enjoy sharing their knowledge to help members thrive.

We welcome new members interested in any aspect of theatre and encourage you to get in touch with any questions!


Meet the Committee


Suzy Neal - Chairman & Tickets Coordinator

Artistic Director of Ensemble Theatre Company (Honorary title)- awarded by unanimous vote of committee members and members in gratitude and recognition of the guidance and leadership given to the artistic development of Ensemble Theatre Company and its members. 


Suzy has been involved in theatre for over 20 years both performing in, producing, and directing various shows. She graduated from University earning a BA honours degree in Drama Studies, accredited with a 1st class for her thesis on ritualism within performance. During this time Suzy travelled to Berlin, Paris and New York to develop her studies of drama and performance.  


Suzy has worked in various stage schools as Director of Drama and was privileged to work closely and run workshops with various fellow professionals from around the country and the West End. Suzy has recently been a guest teacher for the Ann Oliver Stage School. Suzy was one of the founding members of the Ensemble Theatre Company and believes this group achieves high standards of performance whilst also maintaining a fun atmosphere. 


Fun Facts: 


Biggest Dramatic Achievement:  Suzy is incredibly proud to have produced many shows for ETC and says "this group is constantly striving to try new things, to develop and grow, and we are lucky to have a membership that enjoy their hobby and also understand the value of team work. Receiving the honorary title of Artistic Director was completely unexpected and I felt humbled by the appreciation of our members".  

From a performance point of view (yes she does get on the stage occasionally!) Suzy's favourite performance has been playing the part of M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias. “What an incredible play and complex part. It was a joy to perform”. 


Worst part ever performed: Friar Tuck in the Robin Hood Pantomime- a bald cap, terrible script and director that would have been better suited as a Bond villain nearly put Suzy off from theatre for good! Thanks goodness it didnt though!! 

Random fact: Suzy once did a live art performance that involved being covered in a lot of jelly!! 




Amy Vickerman - Vice-Chair and VH representative

Amy has always enjoyed singing and has had a lifelong ambition to be in a musical, but apart from a brief stint as Sandy in Grease aged 9 this dream was unrealised until auditioning for Little Shop of Horrors in 2011. Here Amy found a love for theatre and hasn't had a month since where she hasn't been involved in a production either on or off stage. Having been with ETC from its very beginning, Amy loves the friendships she has developed and the memories she has made, and is so proud of the fabulous shows she has had the privilege to be part of so far.

Fun Facts:

Biggest Dramatic Achievement: Co-founding ETC and being part of such an amazing journey has been a huge achievement, but on stage Amy felt very privileged to be given the opportunity to play Elphaba from Wicked and perform ‘For Good’ under Suzy’s direction in Encore.

Worst part ever performed: Being a relative novice at this Amy has escaped any truly awful roles thus far, however she does recall having to wear a delightfully hideous wig as a dance hall girl in Sweet Charity.

Random fact: When Amy got the part of Sandy in Grease (Age 9), she actually auditioned for Danny, and then the two leads swapped parts as the young lady originally cast as Sandy was almost a foot taller than Amy!


Michael Corner - Treasurer

Mike has been involved in amateur dramatics since he was a teenager and has been a member of ETC since its formation. Having studied Music Technology at De Montfort University, it is no surprise that Mike feels most at home behind a tech desk, be that lighting or sound, but has more recently been fulfilling the role of treasurer and stage manager. He can occasionally be found on the stage itself, and his first ever performance role was as a chorus member in an adaptation of The Wind in the Willows at Stourport on Severn Civic Hall. 

Fun Facts:

Biggest Dramatic Achievement: to come

Worst part ever performed: to come

Random fact: to come


Rebecca Ritchie - Assistant Treasurer

Becca has loved performing since primary school and has always had fun being involved in theatre both onstage and off over the (many) years since then. She has gained some amazing friends since taking up amateur dramatics and even met her husband during Little Shop of Horrors in 2011. She was a founding member of Ensemble Theatre Company and is proud of what the group has produced over the years and is looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our talented group. 


Fun Facts:

Biggest Dramatic Achievement: Offstage – co-founding ETC! Onstage – singing Victoria Wood’s The Ballard of Barry and Freda in After Dark.

Worst part ever performed: In primary school being Joseph as i was the tallest child in my class 


Dan Neal - Production Coordinator

Dan started performing at the age of 13, and his stage debut was as the Cowardly Lion in South Wigston High School’s production of The Wizard of Oz. From there, Dan's always been drawn to performance. Following his passion he went on to gain a BA (hons.) in Theatre Arts from Middlesex University. Dan completed an internship with Opera East as a touring theatre technician and as a general technician for Secret Cinemas Theatrical experiences. Dan often takes the roll of Musical Director for Ensemble Theatre Company and the members are grateful for the time and energy he puts in to supporting members to develop their singing abilities. Dan is a classically trained singer and has toured the country performing in countless Cities. Theatre has given him some of his fondest memories; it’s where he met his dearest friends, and the woman who would become his wife. Dan cannot imagine his life without the thrill of the Theatre.

Fun Facts:

Biggest Dramatic Achievement: Dans says he's had many parts he loves and many parts he is proud of but his most recent turn as the Tinman in ETC's The Wiz really was his proudest stage moment. "I loved the cast, the songs, the production and direction... it was fun and challenging and I will remember the experience fondly for the rest of my life".  

Worst part ever performed: Ant number 3 in the production of 'The Insects'...he wasnt even Ant number 1!!

Random factDan Got to the 3rd round of BBC's 'Any Dream Will Do'



Jenni James - Secretary

Jenni has always enjoyed performing and this began back in Infant school when she was cast as one of the angels in the school Nativity. She has always been a lover of musicals after seeing her first show ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ at the Palladium when she was 7. Jenni has been involved with ETC from the start and has enjoyed forming new friendships and eventually becoming a member of the committee. Jenni is so proud to be part of a group that has so much fun doing what they love and it’s clear to see in the fantastic shows this group produce.

Fun Facts:

Biggest Dramatic Achievement: Getting the lead role of Sally Bowles in Cabaret was an amazing experience that Jenni will never forget. She never thought she’d get the role and was so excited to hear that she had.

Worst part ever performedThere really haven’t been any that Jenni can think of, but we’ll keep you updated if this changes.

Random Fact: Jenni has performed at the Palladium and the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane with De Montfort University’s Theatre group for a company called Star EFX. They took part in showcases of different musicals from shows they had performed and supported the principle cast.


Rosie O'Hanlon - General Committee member

Rosie joined ETC in 2016 to broaden her horizons and meet new people after moving to Leicester. She loves singing (well caterwauling!) on the karaoke and with her very musical family who obsessively sing show tunes at every family gathering. Rosie decided to join the ETC gang as part of the chorus for their first full musical ‘The Wiz’. Learning to dance and sing in time and in unison with everyone else has been an enjoyable challenge! The group has made Rosie extremely welcome and she thoroughly enjoys being part of productions both on stage, backstage and front of house. She was delighted to be asked to join the committee in 2019.


Fun Facts:

Biggest Dramatic Achievement: Remembering all the steps and dancing in time for the 15+ dances in ‘The Wiz’.

Worst part ever performed: With limited stage experience …so far none!

Random fact: Rosie appeared on the big screen in London’s West End for her 15 minutes of fame when she appeared as an extra (with two lines!) in Dan Foster’s (one of her BFF’s) short film ‘A Hard Day at the Office …Love’.


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